Anderson House and Housing

Anderson House is a provincial emergency shelter for women, trans, and non-binary individuals, and their children, who are in need of safety because of violence in their lives.

Located in Charlottetown, Anderson House services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and include:

Emergency shelter

Safety planning


Childcare services

Accompaniment to meetings

Follow-up support

Referrals to outreach services and second-stage housing
Information pertaining to resources such as lawyers, housing, stay-away orders, transportation, childcare, and pet care, to name a few

Crisis Hotline

24-hour toll-free crisis support

Toll-Free Within PEI
Texting is also available at these numbers between 7am and 10pm. You can also use the chat applet on this website.

Anderson House also operates a 24-hour, toll-free crisis and support line. All calls are confidential.

1-800-240-9894 (in PEI) or 902-892-0960 (local)

You can also contact us at those numbers by text from 7am to 10pm, or by using the chat bubble found at the bottom of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Anderson House?

Women, trans, and non-binary individuals who are experiencing abuse or are at risk of abuse can come to Anderson House.

Do I have to be hit by my partner to come into Anderson House?
No. We recognize and understand all forms of abuse including physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, spiritual, and financial abuse. Family violence is abuse, often by an intimate partner, such as someone you are dating, live with, are married to, are ending a relationship with, or another family member besides an intimate partner. It is also possible to be abused by a non-family member such as an employer, neighbour, or landlord.
Where is the shelter and what can I expect?

Anderson House is a large, older home in Charlottetown. The shelter can accommodate 18 women and children. The shelter is a safe, supportive, and friendly space. Each person has their own private space, but some areas of the house are communally shared with other residents. To find out more on what to expect, click here.

Is there a cost to stay at Anderson House?
No. Anderson House shelter is operated by PEI Family Violence Prevention Services Inc, a non-profit organization, and there are no fees for service.
What services are available for my children at Anderson House?
A Childcare Services Coordinator is available to support parents identify their children’s needs. Childcare is provided if you have case-planning-related appointments. Cribs are available.
What happens when I call Anderson House?
  • All calls are confidential and anonymous—you do not have to identify yourself
  • We will listen without judging you
  • You will be given information
  • Safety plans and options will be discussed
  • Transportation to the shelter can be arranged if needed
I don’t want to stay at Anderson House. Can I just talk with someone?

Yes. The crisis and support line operates 24 hours, a day, 7 days a week. You can also contact us at these numbers by text from 7am to 10pm, or by using the chat bubble at the bottom of the screen.
(902) 892-0960 or 1-800-240-9894
We can also connect you with a Community Outreach Coordinator.

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